It’s break time!

daybreak-sodarowDaybreak would like to invite you to spend the weekend with your fellow bloggers enjoying all that Daybreak has to offer. Breathing Space is designed for serious bloggers who want to meet other bloggers, learn fun stuff, and have a fabulous time. The beautiful homes in Daybreak’s North Shore model home village will be your bed & breakfast and home base for this relaxing weekend. Twelve complementary classes will be offered in tennis, photography, interior design, knitting, floral arranging, quilting, yoga, cooking, and more. Take as many as you can fit in, or none at all. Go shopping at Oh Sweet Sadie! in SoDa Row, or take a ride around the lake on a stylin’ beach cruiser. It’s the perfect weekend retreat to trade tips and relax with your fellow bloggers.


Beauty Tips For Every Working Mom (guest post)

good-haircut-for-momsHi, I’m Ella and I blog at I’m glad I could guest post for my friend. I’ve been planning to do this for quite a while but I simply keep procrastinating. Okay, truth is I never seem to get the time. You know every mom never seems to have time whether you are a working or a stay at home mom.

So today, I’ll trade my sleep for this blog post! I am a working mom with the usual 9 to 5 job and still a blogger. Don’t ask me how I balance all this, but I get time to do everything. And as a working mom, I have learned it’s so easy to forget about your looks and walk out of the house looking like you just woke up! With that in mind I have some beauty tips for every working mom that I’m sure will be of great help even to the stay at home mom.

Get a great hair style

When you go to your hair stylist, request them to give you an easy do. This way, you will always be able to style your hair perfectly even when in a rush. An easy hair style doesn’t have to be boring. Let you stylist know it so they can put some fun in your new look. Continue reading

beauty tips

Looking beautiful even when you go out for retreats with your fellows

beauty tipsEven as day break is inviting people to go spend a weekend with their fellow bloggers and enjoy all what they have to offer, it’s also good to know that if you go looking good you will feel comfortable. Nothing is worse than going for a retreat and then you are uncomfortable on the way you look, this affects the way you interact and you may not be able to benefit fully from the event.


There was a time when beauty was seen as something for women in a certain age group, but, in today’s world, all the ages and genders are concerned ad are hopping on the beauty bandwagon. Even though some believes in the inner beauty, outer beauty is what the majority considers and so it is of utmost importance. This article will give you tips to help in maintaining your beauty:

Beauty starts with great skin

Even if we were born with a beautiful skin, time, stress, neglect, and many other factors can take its vibrant away. However, this does not mean that you cannot get back your beautiful skin. There are numerous products that can help you in this. For example, a full coverage foundation can help you regain your awesome skin and also hide any scar or fault with your skin, leaving you looking stunningly beautiful. By researching more, you can get more beauty products for the best skin. Continue reading